laughing in our sleep

this morning, while i was still laying in bed making sheet angels, your daddy starting laughing really loud. something was apparently hilarious, but i have NO CLUE what. so i rolled over to see what he was laughing at.

i assumed he was looking at his phone and got a funny message or email or something.

he was asleep.

your daddy laughs in his sleep a lot. it's so adorable. and it makes me laugh, too, even though i have no idea what is so funny.
this morning, however, he was slightly awake, so i asked him what was so funny and he said "Jovie and the cow udders!"


"she's peeking through the udders in that picture", holding his fingers up like udders he tried to show me how you were looking through the udders...then he fell back asleep.

i have no idea, dude.
so weird.

this picture - to my knowledge - does not [yet] exist.
but your dad's silly dreams DO exist.

i hope your fantasy world is as silly as his for your sake, because that seems like fun. :)

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