Best Friends

last night i was cooking dinner for us. you have gotten into the dirty habit of climbing up the barstool and onto the bar which both impresses and annoys me. our house is not Coyote Ugly. and if you fall and break your nose, I won't feel sorry for you. I will simply be embarrassed and terrified that it will wave a red flag in Child Protective Service's face.

so. let the record show that i DO NOT break noses of toddlers.

anyway. i was cooking and you were watching from your little perch on the bar. you were singing songs and babbling and i was mostly ignoring you. seriously. you ask me what' i'm doing 463 times a minute and my answer is always the same: hunting elephants. so stop asking and i'll stop ignoring you.

do you ever see something that you didn't realize you saw until your brain is like "what a second. what was that?" or you feel something and don't realize it until your subconscious mind says "hellooo...you just felt an earthquake in the middle of texas"

that's what happened last night when you told me that i am your best friend.
it went something like this:

you: mom. what-chya dooeeen?
me: hunting elephants
you: mom. what-chya doooeeen?
me: ::sigh:: hunting elephants
you: mom. you're my best.friend.
me: hunting elephants
you: mom. what-chya dooeen?
me: wait. did you just say i'm your best friend?
you: OK!

i die! that was the sweetest thing i could possibly ever hear form anyone. in the history of ever. but it did take me a second to decide if that was healthy or not. me. being your best friend. i mean. your nana is one of my best friends. the kind that bicker constantly but still call each other when anything happens. but. while i was growing up, she was just my momma.

i've decided for the time being, you are allowed to consider me your best friend. i'll be your best friend temporarily. until you start school. or decide you love one of the dog's more. I also decided i'll pretend it doesn't  it won't hurt my feelings.

BUT! when you are in your 20's, you better go back to your roots and consider me your best friend again, or i won't take you on vacations or buy you clothes or groceries or lunch like your nana does for me.

understand me, young lady?
now. get off of the bar. you aren't in college yet.