i think you might be getting sick. or something.
but what do i know about kids?

here's what i have noticed:

1. your voice is kinda husky - you are losing your voice that you so recently found. which simultaneously is adorable and sad. adorable because it reminds me of how my voice sounds when i sing too much or when i holler a lot. yes...i said holler. i said it sarcastically. i'm not that country, kiddo.

2. you have slept 26 hours out of the past 24 hours - exaggerations aside, you went to bed last night at 8 and slept uninterrupted until 10 this morning. woke up, ate some pears, and went back to sleep about 10:45. it's 1:30. you are still asleep.

so i believe this is unofficially the first official time you have been "sick". though, you don't have a fever or seem to distraught. just sleepy. and hoarse.....and...well...that sounds pretty much like how i spent my entire college career, so maybe you are just preparing for the future.

are you growing teeth? or are you pretending that you are in college?

either way, feel better, little goblin.

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