jovie pretends to primp like a teenager

i'm sorry. i'm not trying to brag. but i think you might be brilliant. not only can you complete long-division effortlessly (that's not true) and you can name all of the US Presidents in order (a lie) and ALSO you know how to file our taxes (does ANYONE REALLLLY know how to do that without Turbo Tax?) but you are seriously improving your motor skills at a rapid pace.

other kids your age can barely crawl.  heck even IIIIIIIIIIIIII couldn't crawl at 9 months. i just rolled around like a confused worm.

but you, little lovely. gave me a high five when you liked your peas. and you blow daddy kisses when he leaves in the morning. AND?

today i caught you becoming a teenager.

so. i think it's safe to say that we can slow things down a touch. okay?

my best friend, Lish, asked me if i am feeding you rocket scientists for dinner. i'm not, but that's a really good idea. i should see if that turns  you into an astronaut. oh! sweet little jovie, please become an astronaut so that you can take me to outer space with you. k-thanks.

anyway....my evidence to prove your brilliance is this:

i gave you bath tonight...like i do every night. and i loaded your little body up with lotion that smells yummy before i fought you tooth and nail to put on your jammies...like i do every night. and i used that snot sucker thingymabob to suck out all the goo from your little nose while you screamed at me as though i was tearing off your eyelids....like i do everynight. (the nose thing. i don't tear off your eyeslids nightly. that would put me in jail. at least once) and then i sat you up, kissed you on the nose and combed your hair...like i do every night.

tonight however, instead of taking the comb away from you when you turn into an octopus and use one of your eight tenticles to rip it out of my hands, i thought "why not?" and let you continue to play with it while we spent the last hour of your day in the living room.

besides. you are only 9months old...and you only have two teeth. what could you POSSIBLY do with a comb that is of any importance?!

i'll tell you what you could do with it!

you spent about 20 minutes banging the comb on the back window while looking outside with Duncan. he was almost POSITIVE that at any given moment you would open the back door to let him out....then you spent another 10 wild minutes scooting around the floor banging the comb on the tile to listen to how it sounds. funny how it sounds the same on every.single.tile.in.the.entire.house. after about 45 minutes of you playing with the comb, you made your way to where i was sitting and stood up. when i looked down at you, you were using the comb to brush your hair.

jovie. when you are old enough to read this...you may or may not understand the significance of this incredible feat. but let me tell you. in my limited experience with babies....9month olds don't gussy themselves up. the barely know how to hold their own bottles.

but you, little lovely....were freshening up.

i don't know where you learned this except that i comb your hair for approximately 5 seconds everyday and that was enough of a positive experience that it made an impact on you. i also let you sit in the floor of the bathroom every day while i fix my hair, so maybe you are just trying to be like mommy?

in any case....you were brushing your hair and i have video proof. BEHOLD:

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