little cry-baby

hey there goblin. you are sitting in your little jumpy thing that hangs on the door frame crying at me, i think your arm is stuck in the leg-hole and you don't know how to get it back out again. if you are anything like me, you'll get mad enough that you will be able to break your arm free, but i think i want to save you the rage for another day, so i will go and rescue you.

you are welcome.

you, your nana, and i went on our first road-trip together over the weekend. you were such an angel the entire time. the 7 hr drive from home to memphis tn took 14 hours on friday because we ran into some horrible traffic. it was stressful, at best, but you were a champ. you only cried for about an hour out of the 14. and on the way home, you didn't cry at all. just slept. and played.

anytime that we are in the car and you are upset about anything, there is a cd that was given to us by a good friend that you absolutely love. i knew the minute i listened to it the first time that you were going to really like listening to this album, even if i am not that big of a fan. when you were still in my tummy, and i would play a certain song, you would kick and kick inside of my tummy. so i played it over and over and sang it all the time just so i could feel you dancing.

so. when we get in the car, and you are upset, i turn on that cd and immediately, you calm down. i take that back. sometimes it takes a good minute into the song for you to relax, but typically, within the first verse, you start to hum and coo with it and then either fall asleep or just sit there enjoying the song.

you nana says that she wouldn't believe me if she hadn't witnessed it herself the complete calming effect of the song.
it makes me laugh every time.

it's easy to please you, my little girl. and it's become one of my biggest hobbies. i spend most of my days trying to keep you happy. i used to only try to make myself happy. sometimes, i miss that, but...mostly i enjoy your giggles and...well...the silence that comes when you aren't upset anymore!

speaking of which, your arm is stuck again....i better go help you get unstuck.


i love you. even if you are going to be a headache most days!

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