little acrobat

you, my little turkey, have become quite the acrobat. i have to keep an eye on you because who knows what death-defying trick you will attempt the INSTANT i look away.
the other day you were sitting on the sofa with the ottoman in front of the cushion that you were sitting on, and i had all kinds of barriers to keep you from doing something dumb.

but you know....you are a kid....and you are MY kid...and you decided to roll sideways then roll OVER and onto the floor in one swift movement. i had only looked away for an instant, and then there you were like a fish out of water face down on the rug...laughing.

tonight, you were in a similar position, but i thought i had you fooled! i had you swaddled in a blanket, with you pillow all around you so that you couldn't possibly roll sideways. but darn it all you think of everything! you pushed with your little legs and you ended doing a COMPLETE backflip in slow motion on the the floor! but i was faster than you this time and i caught you before you fell completely and with my heart racing and i was panting from fear and i picked you up and held you and you LAUGHED AT ME!

silly monkey! you are going to be the death of me, aren't you?

it's funny. i did stuff like that to my mommy (your nana) too. when i was just a little over 1 yrs old and could BARELY walk, i made my way into the bathroom, on top of the potty (which had it's seat up) and i climbed onto the sink and played in the soap and water all over the mirror. your nana always said she had no idea how i did it when i could barely walk, but i suppose i was just as awesome as you.


you may be awesomer, but...we will find out soon enough! :)

love you.

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