i bring you to work with me.
i'm looking into the future and seeing that you have probably heard this story about 18 brazilian times, but...this is the first time i ever tell you this even if chronologically you hear it a different time.

wait...did that make sense?

you suck the time out of my days. thank you for that. work is dumb but you are smart and before i know it, it's time to go home and do more important things. like...watch tv. read books. get mad at the dogs. paint our nails. pick your nose. you know. important things. :)

you have developed this new trick that reminds me of when i was a kid. you suck on the roof of your mouth making this funny grunting noise. you do it constantly. this habit will probably last a week or less until you discover some other new thing that your body can do. when i was a kid, i used to suck on the roof of my mouth, too, but i did it to make my throat look all red and irritated so that your nana would think i was coming down with strep-throat and i could stay home from school. i'm pretty sure that this worked several times, and i can NOT wait until the day that you try to pull this one on me and fail miserably, because i INVENTED IT! you can fool a fool, little birdie!

anyway....back to the point. i bring you to work with me each day and i love that you just sit on my desk in your chair and make tons of noise and giggle and pout and get mad and cry and then sleep and eat just right here beside me. i'm fairly certain that if you were any older you would hate me for how attached i am to you. but since you can't do anything on your own aside from poop and suck on your right big toe, you sort of need me, so it's really a win/win situation. i'll have a love/hate relationship for the day that you don't need me to do EVERYTHING for you anymore. boo on that.

stay little forever, your mommy,

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