what are you trying to say?

i have a pink remote that i use for the tv. it's actually a controller for our nintendo wii, but i watch tv through the wii....so for all intents and purposes...it's a remote.
...although...when you are old enough to read this, words like "remote" and "wii" and "tv" may not make much sense anymore, now that i think about it.

but! for story's sake, go with it.

i have a pink remote that i use to watch tv.
you are FASCINATED by this pink remote. you don't care about the white one. the black one. or even the extra broken one we have especially for you to play with. those don't matter in the slightest. i guess because they aren't fabulous?

or...maybe you are trying to tell me something.
because every.single.day. you find a way to bamboozle that pink remote out of my safe place (on the couch...) and walk it all the way across the house into the office where you dispose of it in the trashcan.

the first time you did it, your daddy and i searched high and low around the house for the remote. it's hot pink. in a house full of muted neutrals. how could we POSSIBLY miss that?! i thought long and hard and remembered at one point when i was in the kitchen i heard a clutter form the office....and so i looked in the trashcan on a whim and TA-DA! there is was.

every day when you do this, i don't see it happening. which makes NO sense to me because i stare at you all day long. so how do you do it? do you wait for me to go to the restroom?  do you do it when i am trying to get the dogs to come back inside? or are you just so fast that you are able to steal the remote out from under my nose and travel 30 feet (give or take) where you can throw it away between my blinks?

your nana thinks you are trying to tell me that pink remote controls are trashy.

BAH! that's absurd!

i think you are like duncan. you save it for later in your hiding spot like he takes the newspaper into the backyard and buries it under a bush.

....but if you continue to use the trashcan as your hiding spot, lots and lots of things are going to be accidentally thrown away. you might want to rethink your secret place to be somewhere a little more permanent than that, love. just a suggestion. you, by no means, have to take my advise.


of course...this is probably all part of your master plan to train mommy, isn't it? get her to do silly little things like check the rubbish before it goes out on tuesdays and once i have perfected that, you will teach me a new trick.

yes. you are teaching me a lot, kiddo. a lot more than i expected. :)

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