when Duncan and Jacob (or as we refer to them in our house; "the bubbas") show love. it's different than when a human shows love. If you aren't a dog person, their affection may come across as violent, but it's really rather sweet. they will nibble on your arm. they are both very delicate about this, but if you jerk your arm away from them, their teeth will scratch you and you might think they are being angry dogs. they aren't, though. this is their love language.

you have a different love language. you enjoy time spent together with the ones you love. it's beautiful. you want to share with us the things you are fascinated with. as though we have never seen bubbles or acorns or worms.

you see...when you bring me a book, i know you are wanting my time. but more so. you are wanting my time as a service to your entertainment needs. you can't read yet (which is totally OK. you ARE only 17 months old. it'll happen) so you want me to do it for you. it's sweet. i love books and want you to love books. but having you request a story doesn't pull at my soul the way you wanting to discover with me does.

it started in music class when the teacher was blowing bubbles for you all one day. i sat and watched you run to the bubbles and jump to catch and pop them and i loved watching you. but you didn't want me to be left out. so you ran to where i was, grabbed my thumb and pulled me to the bubbles to show me what you had found.

you do the same thing for your daddy in the backyard under the oak tree. you want him to see the acorns that you have found. and you want to show him how you can fit their hats on your fingers.

i was talking to lish about this. how it hurts my feelings so good to have you want me to enjoy things with you. her daughter does that, too, but her reaction is totally opposite. Lish loves the fact that Molly asks her to read books with her. to spend time with her.

but i want to learn and grow and just BE with you. discovering the world all over again through your eyes.

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