your dad called me as i was driving home from church this morning. you two had come to the first service and i was singing, so i was in my car alone and headed to pick up lunch for all of us.

"my head is really groggy. i can't really think clearly. and i'm in a bad mood"


"well. it just...seemed important to tell you that."

"well ok."

so after we ate our sandwiches that i bought, i made him go take a nap to help get his fussies out. sometimes, even adults need naps....especially on sunday. in fact. i SHOULD be taking one now, but the two of you are out in the backyard working in the garden (in the rain) and it seemed like the prime oppotunity to do important things like...online shop. watch trashy tv. paint my nails. you know. things that are SUPER important.

anyway. i'll make this brief.

after your dad went down for his nap, you and i took off to the mall. rainy days at the mall are AWESOME. you will learn this lesson pretty quickly, i'm assuming, since i take you with me everywhere i go.

at the mall, we went to a few stores. i looked for things i don't need while you touched things i told you not to touch and talked to the strangers i told you not to talk to. after awhile, though, i was starting to feel the need of a sunday nap myself, and you were starting to get a little fidgety, so i knew it was time to head home.

we waited to get on the elevator to make it to the second floor. there was a family in front of us with a newborn baby and a younger almost teenager. another family behind us with a HUGE stroller that was shaped like a car that they have for rent at the mall. and a few other people.

we clammored onto the elevator in silence. all 15 of us.

the door shut and we started to go down in silence. you could literally hear each person swallow it was so quiet in the elevator.

until you started to scream "WEEEEEEE!"
and everyone started laughing and  turned to look at you and me.
"WEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!" you shouted some more.

people laughed louder.

"you should see what she does on a roller coaster!" a man said.

but. i really don't know why i would need to spend money to go to an amusement park with you when a rainy day at the mall in a free elevator ride is all you need to have fun.

and all i need is you.

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