you and i need to work on your nesting skills. you may only be 7 months old, but you are a bird. act like one! nest! nest! nest!

if you don't have that life skill naturally...though i hope that you do. you may look exactly like your father, but the least you could do is develop super-human neat-freak character traits from me....but if you DON'T have that life skill, we are going to have to drill it into your skull. 

i'm outnumbered here, jovie. with the two messy dogs that never clean up after themselves, and your father...i NEED you on my side, ok? 

that being said. i am charging you with a task of extreme importance; when you are hanging out with your daddy, DO NOT LET HIM LET THE HOUSE EXPLODE! i know i know. he will deny this until the day you grow up and fly away...but in MY opinion, when they two of you get together, the house has to pay for it. 

here's an example of a normal day with me:

what do you call those words that spell the same thing fowards and backwards? like "mom" and "dad" and....well...that's all i can think of. oh! i know more! "rotator" and "racecar". let me google this...it always bothers me that i can never remember that stupid vocabulary word....

days with you and i are palindromes. 
days with your daddy are...lol....onomatopoeias. a series of BANG! POP! POW! CRASH! BOOM!

and the house explodes. 
i can't seem to get through to him on how to be smooth, but maybe i can convince you to stop peeing on everything when he changes your diapers? he's not ever going to work out how to change you without creating the perfect opportunity for the perfect storm. so maybe i can get YOU to stop making the messes? maybe you can stop getting oatmeal EVERWHERE when he feeds you? you never do that with me! and jovie come ON. when he feeds you big girl food. get it in your mouth. or at LEAST on the floor for the dogs to lick up. but all over the table? do you know how hard it is to clean a glass top table? i'd be easier removing spots from a leopard.

and maybe i can beg you enough to learn the phrases "are you done with this, dad?" and "is that where that belongs?" just to simply nudge him in the right direction of not allowing the house to collapse in on itself when he is in charge. 

and i know you think you are cute that you have him so fooled. he thinks you require this much disaster. i know that you don't. so this is really all your fault because you have your daddy wrapped around your finger.  so, young lady, stop taking such radical advantage of your daddy or you will pay for this. one day you are going to be a teenager wanting a car. or your nose pierced. or to go on a date with a boy. and if you haven't improved upon your manipulating skills, i won't let your puppy-dog eyes and sweet giggles win your dad over anymore. 

you are going to have to fool me, too, sweetpea. and that's going to take some improvement. 
you can start by cleaning your room. 

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